CHAIRMAN’S REPORT – SACS Old Boys AGM – Wednesday 31 st May 2017

Good evening lady and gentlemen, welcome to the Old Boys AGM and thanks for your attendance.
Another year has passed, the Old Boys Union is 110 years old and alive and well. While the past year
has been successful on many fronts, it has not been without some hard times. Your committee has
worked hard to ensure that the Union runs well and that you, the Old Boys get all you deserve from
the Union. The Old Boys Union continues to grow both in member numbers and sub-unions, around
the world. May I take this opportunity to welcome the Class of 2016 into the Union, they were
presented with their Old Boys ties at a Ceremony in November, just before they wrote their final
matric exam – so every matric wore his Old Boys tie while writing the exam (hope it helped!!). The
committee continued with the mandate – to ensure that the members enjoyed themselves amongst
their old classmates, at the many opportunities that we created.
Old Boys have excelled in many spheres throughout the past year, in sport, academics and business.
For fear of omitting someone in my report, I will direct you to the newsletters and news flashes, to
keep up with the long list of achievements.
John Ince Memorial Run : another successful run was held and by moving the date, we had a glorious
Cape Town Sunday morning to run the event, however we would like to see the numbers grow for
next year’s run. Thanks to Francois Nel for allowing the event to be run from the Junior School.
Thanks also to the race sponsor Infinity Insurance.
Golf Days : great days were had with Wynberg Boys Old Boys, in our annual Challenge match at
Westlake as well as with the 2 other “friendly rivals” in the Old Quads Golf Day .A huge thanks to
Brett Lyall for stepping up to arrange our teams for these two events, not an easy task getting the
form players all together on the same day!. The Sacs Old Boys Golf Day was held at Rondebosch GC
and was another great day of getting together with old school mates. Thanks to all our sponsor,
especially the main sponsor Bidvest.
Old Boys Annual Dinner : 2016 saw a great dinner been held at Kelvin Grove – with Old Boy Douglas
Ryder (of Tour de France fame)as our guest speaker, his insight into professional cycling and the
Tour de France was an eye opener and made for an interesting speech. When there is no noise, even
when the speech goes beyond the allotted 15 min, then you know you have a captivating speaker.
Thanks to the Annual Dinner sponsor Investec.
A quick newsflash for the 2017 dinner : Date : Wednesday 13 th September, venue : Kelvin Grove,
guest speaker : Bredan Grant – the new headmaster.
Reunions : many classes held 5/10/20/30/40/50/60 year reunions during 2016 – 6 reunions were
arranged, all with great attendances and I know there are many planned for this year.
Summer Sports Day : with cricket/waterpolo been played between the school and Old Boys, great
fun was had by all.
Clubs : Running club continues to grow in numbers, with times getting quicker over the 21/42 and

Waterpolo Club –31 years old and muturing well, all 5 teams continue to excel. 4 of our 1 st
team have been selected to represent the Proteas.
Hockey Club – some matches were played in the Quadrangular series, we hope that this also
grows during the 2017 season.
Subs : Well done and thanks to so many Old Boys who are paying their annual subs, the stop order
system is up and running, which will make it all much easier. With ever increasing costs and our
fundraisers not been well supported, I needed to send out the plea to Old Boys to pay their subs –
the reaction has been tremendous, with folk paying their outstanding subs and adding a bit more to
assist – Thanks to all of you who have responded. Thanks too to the sponsors who have come
forward and assisted us financially at our various events, I named them in the report on the events.
We have lost a number of Old Boys over the last year and I would like take a moment remember
them in your thoughts.
The two schools – High and Junior, continue to make us Old Boys proud, a huge vote of thanks to
both Ken and Francois for steering the ship (or ships) so well, also a huge thanks to both staff’s for
the work that they do. 1 st XV 22 – Paarl Gym 19!!!.
There are 14 sons of Old Boys in grade 1 at SACS Junior this year.
A huge vote of thanks to my committee, with such a hard working team, we were able to achieve a
lot last year. As I mentioned earlier, it has been a tough year and the committee has come under fire
from a few fronts. It is a thankless task and we will never be able to please everyone, all the time,
but I can assure you that these gentlemen never took a backward step and sorted out all the issues.
At last year’s AGM, there was some heated debate, following on from the “Rhodes and Fees must
fall” campaigns. Despite the committee informing the meeting that we cannot get involved in the
day to day running of the School’s (read the constitution) and also the instruction come from the
Educational Department, some Old Boys took to social media to air their grievances, with the school
and the OBU. The OBU committee was accused of been cowards, with regards to the selecting of the
new headmaster, because some folk were unhappy with the choice. Some teachers and the school
were verbally abused. The language used was certainly not becoming of a SACS man. While freedom
of speech is a constitutional right in our country, to attack the institution (school and OBU) on social
media and therefore remaining faceless, is a bit spineless – that is my personal opinion. If any Old
Boy has a problem with the way the Old Boys Union is run, come forward arrange a meeting with the
committee and let’s chat it over. In fact if you have something to offer, then why not put name
forward to serve on the committee.
Finally, and I left her to last because she deserves all the thanks and praise for a job well done –
Sandy you are a star and without you we would not be able to run this union as well as it is run –
Thanks.Thanks to all those members who have indicated that they are prepared to stand for the new
committee in 2017.Thanks for been willing to stand and showing your willingness to take the Old
Boys Union forward.