Continuing the journey - by Geoff Olivier

SACS OBU News Nov 2016


Ryan Sandes

Arrie Reschke

Mark Robinson

Ross Southgate

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Tim Clarke

Allan Horsfield

Please send names of those we have not included in births and marriages.

Continuing the journey

Gareth Rutherford (’78) has been getting amazing support from Old Boys around the world in his attempt to return home in Cape Town. He has been detained in Kuwait since 2004 and with all the petitions and assistance from a number of entities, we hope to see him home soon. Keep up the positive thoughts, energy and messages to him. He needs our support.

Russell Bird ( ‘) Who has spent many years in the British Military and more recently in Dubai working for an Oil business, has recently returned to Cape Town along with his Harley Davidson. Looking forward to meeting up again. He is on Facebook!

Wayne Botha (’83) has represented New Zealand in the 24 hour race in Australia ending with a 9th position. Well done Wayne on an amazing achievement again.

Rodger van Kempen (’96) has recently joined an Estate/property agency in Auckland, New Zealnad. Anyone transferring to NZ can get in touch with Rodger via Facebook.

Paul Delport (’03) is with the ‘Bok Academy 7’s in Dubai for the first round of the International Seven’s Championship. We wish him, his coaching crew and the team all the best for another successful series.

Alex Phillippou (‘ ) has organized for a Rowing Trust to be set up for SACS Rowing in order to upgrade and improve SACS Rowing inventory of equipment. The Trust will be in place early next year due to the administrative and legal process. Any SACS Old Boys, especially past Oarsmen can contribute by sending to the SACS Activities Fund and Debbie Gartshore will make sure it reaches the correct account. Be sure to say that it is for the SACS Rowing Trust. We have already got some contributions and look forward to more.

Peter Olivier (’07) took the SACS 2017 Rugby Squad around his Gym – Rourk, in Roland Street, to assess their strength this November. They seemed to enjoy it and we look forward to some good results in 2017.

Ryan Halvorsen (’07) is at Suzuki South on the Main Road in Wynberg/Plumstead. If you need your bike looked at or new tyres, then you know who to go to.

Kyle Brown (‘) has stepped down from the captaincy of the S.A. 7’s Blitzbok team to make way for a younger player. Kyle is becoming more involved with player development as he continues to represent his country in the World 7’s Series starting in December 2016. We wish him all the best for his magnanimous decision and more amazing play in the Series.

Ceiran Dyaram (’15) was recently presented with “The Most Promising Young Player” award from the Blue Bulls where he is playing rugby at present. Keep up the good work Ceiran.

Darren Swanepoel (’00)
Shaun Lamont (’00)
Matthew Rousseau (’03)
Ryan Stemmet (’00)
Jayson Edwards (’03)

Sean Baulk (’00)
Jarred Cooper (’08)

Olympic Games:
Kyle Brown (’04)  – Rugby 7’s
Sebastien Rousseau (’08) – Swimming
Douglas Ryder (’88) – Cycling Manager (and principle of the highly successful Tour de France Dimension Data team.
Mark Blewett  (’87)– Three track/road riders on Swift bicycles built by Mark

Comrades OB participants (that I know of):

Wayne Botha (’90)
Dominic Strano (’97)
Andy Higgenbotham (’93)
Dave Penzhorn ()
Gregson Lubbe (’91)
Stuart Campbell (’93)

Marco de Freitas (’91)
Anthony Vianello (’00)
Luke Powers (’88)
Derek Hughes (’83)
Salih Solomon (’98)
Rob Le Brun (’07)

Murray Anderson (’88)
Kevin van der Merwe (’09)
Julian Mountain (’99)
David Bellairs (’81)
Nic Misplon (’97)

Martin Myers ( ‘81 ) Was on the news earlier this year as the founder of MUSIC EXCHANGE the organization for the business of music. It was formed to protect those who could be robbed of their royalties and other earnings due to them. We wish him continued success with this venture.
Neil Barnard ( ‘86), James Winter (’85) and Dave Fischardt (‘94) are all involved in the massive housing development CONSTANTIA Nek Estate on the upper reaches of Hout Bay Main road just over 1km from the top of Constantia Nek. It is a huge success and will be occupied from the end of the year as the 40 houses are completed. Great Old Boy networking.
Marco de Freitas (‘91 ) was selected for the Commonwealth Games for Judo. A great achievement apart from his continual Comrades Marathon success. Keep going Marco.
Wayne Botha (‘90 ) who lives in New Zealand is on the shortlist for the IAU Athlete of the Year 2016 for his amazing achievements as a Barefoot International record breaking Ultra-runner. We wish him all the best for this and his running in the future.
Justin Whittle (‘91 ) recently achieved two age group category wins in the pool at 100m Free style and 100m Individual Medley as well as a 2nd in 4x50m Mixed Relay. Well done and keep swimming.
Graeme Reid (‘91 ) continues to impress at the Bondi Beach pool as a trainer and coach at this magnificent seaside facility. Go and swim there next time in Sydney. Well worth the swim and walk along that coastline.
Rob Silke ( ‘95) and partners won a National Design competition for Total SA. It is for their design of the Flagship Petroport at Sable Road on the N1 Cape Town. Keep designing Rob. It is great to see more well thought out designs for the city and beyond like the new Citadel building next to Cavendish Square. Next time you want a new commercial or accommodation building, call Rob for something really good.
Alex Goldberg (‘00 )Was a champion at the SA Pro Jui Jitsu Championships. He achieved a Gold in Purple Belt 77kg Division and a Bronze in the Absolute Division. Great achievement indeed. Stephen Roberts ( ) is also one of our past Judo champions, but after sustaining an injury has been laid up since 2014.
Richard Hardiman (‘93) erstwhile of KFM 94.5, has enjoyed a major design and development achievement in Rotterdam, Holland. He invented a device to clean the water of harbours such as removing plastic and any other garbage and flotsam and jetsom.  He won this prestigious PortXL international competition and his device is in the early stages of production and is already earmarked for a number of European Harbours. His was the winning invention from the 450 worldwide that made the competition. We wish him well on this major achievement and the international funding forthcoming as a result.
Terence Bridgett (‘92 ) was nominated for the SAFTA Award for ‘Plein Street’ a SABCTV Drama. Terence continues to excel on the stage and screen and we wish him all the best for ever more success.
Stephen Simpson (‘02 ) has been driving up a storm with his team mates in long distance sports car racing in the USA this 2016 season to date. One great victory at Daytona and a number of top three places have seen them hold the top position on the log in their class 2 division. As the season continues, we wish him and his team all the very best for ultimate success this year.
Matthew Davey (‘08 ) is one of our Rhodes Scholars and continues with his M.Phil. in Geography and Environment with a focus on Water Science Policy and Management. He has focussed his research in Kenya.  He continues to take on one challenge after another at Oxford and beyond. We wish him continued success in his academic studies. He has also set up a social initiative – Pinki Parts to take hand water pumps to places across Africa and beyond in need. The intention is to enable between 3 and 5 million people to have access to potable water by hand or solar devices. We wish him and his partners every success and the energy to keep up this wonderful initiative. Spectemur Agendo.
Galen Sher (‘04 ) a recent Rhodes Scholar has been is busy doing research at the Bank of England
Hylton Espey (‘00 ) continues to succeed as an international chef and restauranteer and is now at Merchants Manor, Fairmouth, Cornwall. Don’t forget to look him up if you live nearby or are travelling in that vicinity.
Wassim Domingo (‘09 ) is a History teacher at RBHS. I had the pleasure of addressing the RBHS History Society earlier this year and was happy to see him and have a catch-up. He is loving his teaching as much as I do mine.
Dylan Das Neves (‘12 ) is now a First Officer flying for Ryanair out of Ireland. His home base is in Portugal. Great to have another SACS Old Boy pilot to join all those already flying for major airlines from SAA, Emirates and Ryanair to a local Canadian Airline (whose name escapes me) to Cathay Pacific and possibly others as well. Keep flying us safely around the world and let us know when you are piloting as we may be on board.
Francis Bowers (‘10 ) was one of the frontrunners on SA The Voice this year and made it to so close to the final success. We wish him all the best for all that has come his way as a result of his well-deserved success. Follow him on Youtube and Facebook.
Jade Blake (‘12 ) Set a record at the SA Weightlifting at u83kg level of 240kg Squat and 170kg Bench and a total record of 660kg on the competition. There is more to come from Jade in the near future in the African Championships.
Richard Boliter (’07) is in New York where he continues with his successful modelling career. Recently had a serious bicycle accident and smashed his right collarbone, but is recovering nicely.
Michael Theo de Kwaadsteniet (’11) is in India on a modelling project as well as a spiritual journey and is having a great and enriching experience.
Karl Kugelmann (’15) is in China on a modelling contract, learning the trade and the ropes. It is a wonderful adventure and great experience, but as Richard and Michael  know, a very tough, but enriching and hugely worthwhile period in their lives and careers.

By : Geoff Olivier (’65)