New Memorial Plaque in War Memorial Quad – Anthony Storr Lister


Following a process which began in discussions between Alan Footman (now OBU Chairman) and Anthony Storr Lister (Staff) during the 1980s a plaque was unveiled in a simple and dignified ceremony on Friday 10th November 2017.  This new plaque, placed to the right of the World War 1 and 2 memorials as one faces them, serves as a permanent memorial to those seven S.A.C.S. men who have lost their lives in conflicts of arms since World War 2.

In keeping with the spirit of inclusivity and honouring of service and sacrifice to humankind, there is space on the plaques to commemorate other people intimately connected with S.A.C.S. who have given their lives in service to their fellows.  This is done to promote inclusivity and to take account of the fact that there may be people who have made the supreme sacrifice of whom we are not aware at present or who may do so in the future.  It is conceivable, for example, that an Old Boy might die in service as a volunteer fire-fighter.  We now have the capacity to honour such and it is right that we do.

The plaque was unveiled by Alan Footman, Chairman of the O.B.U. immediately before the O.B.U. Tie ceremony and the day before Remembrance Day- highly fitting timing.  As Anthony Storr Lister explained in his address explaining the process and thinking behind the installation of the plaque, every part of the S.A.C.S. family was represented: High School boys, staff, parents and S.G.B.; Junior School boys, staff, parents and S.G.B. and the Old Boys Union thus cementing the growing rapproachement between the parts of the family.  Anthony used the opportunity to announce that from 2018 on the wreath to be laid at the new Memorial will be laid by the Junior School Guardians of the Banner who will join a representative of the O.B.U. and the High School Head Boy in this duty further emphasizing the idea of the whole S.A.C.S. family.

The Old Boys Union is to be thanked most heartily for funding the manufacture of the plaque.