Dear Old Boys

SACS Junior School Funded Opportunity Fund

SACS Junior School would like to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for your extremely generous donations towards the SACS Junior School Funded Opportunity Programme.

This Fund currently supports three boys at the Junior School and next year we will be funding five boys. Our first two candidates successfully completed their Junior School career and have settled in very well at SACS High School.

In 2016 the Fund received significant contributions from several Old Boys and various year groups.  We are extremely grateful for any amount no matter how small, as added together, it makes a huge difference in someone’s life.

The financial contributions along with the existing Funded Opportunity Fund and the support from the PTA, go towards the following:

  • School fees
  • Academic Support: For Mathematics, English and Study Skills
  • Uniform: Kit out our current bursary holders with uniforms and / or sports kit
  • Transport
  • Aftercare
  • Boarding
  • Tuck lunch
  • Swimming lessons
  • Camps: The Grade Six boys attend a 3-day camp and the Grade Seven boys visit Durban for a week. The cost of these camps is not included in the annual school fees.


Apart from financial support, the School also offers its counselling services to the bursary holders.  The School Psychologist, Ms Wonique Dreyer, meets with the boys on a regular basis to assist them and their families with the adjustment to the new environment.  The boys’ academic, social and emotional well-being is also monitored on a continuous basis by the Education Support Unit in collaboration with Get Smart Tutors, owned by Jono Field, SACS High Head Boy, 2013.

Any Old Boys who wish to contribute toward the Funded Opportunity Programme are welcome to contact me at


Thank you so much for your display of care towards SACS Junior.  Our Support Unit has to work hard each year to source the funding to support boys who, otherwise, would be in a very risky position academically.  The spirit of generosity that your donation represents is magnanimous and shows an altruistic mind set towards disadvantaged individuals and, indirectly, their families.  We are truly grateful for your kindness towards making such a difference to others!


Yours sincerely

Kandas Botha