SACS OBU newsletter June 2017.
The journey continues
Bradley Price (’06)
Zack Bloemstein (’14)
Matthew Hamilton (’01)
Luke Wonnacott (’00)
Khotso Micha (’05)
Chris Allflat (’95)
Andre Israel (’79)
Michael Elam-Rye (’91)
Kieran Duggan (’04)
Gilbert Preston (’98)
Craig Ewles
Bradley Milne (’04)
Chris Allflat (’95)
Mawande Tiger Sinyakanyaka (’07) – expecting a baby in August,
Justin Maddock (’00) – expecting a baby in September
Wayne Botha (’90)
Marco de Freitas (’91)
Neil Collett (’86)
Gregson Lubbe (’91)
Anthony Vianello (’00)
Stuart Campbell (’93)
Doug Ryder (’88)
Andrew Shepherd (’93)
Nic Misplon (’97)
Murray Anderson (’88)
Leo Benning (’52). A little news about a few OB`s who participated in the 41st SA
Masters Athletic Championships that took place at Green Point stadium during the
first weekend of May this year.
John Muller (’54) 80 years old, who also lives in Hermanus decided to take up
athletics again for the first time since university days at the end of last year. He has
decided to specialise in the discus event and gained a third place. Leo Benning 83
years old, also took part but only placed 6th. However, he came 3rd in the javelin
and first in the high jump and long jump. A very young OB relatively speaking, 53
year old Derek Oehley (’81) came third in the (50 – 54) 1500 m. Another OB from
Hermanus, Bertie Warren (’54) 80 years old, was a supporter who made it possible
for Leo to attend as his wife Marie is struggling with an eye condition that requires
an operation in the near future and was originally scheduled for Friday 5 May and it
would have been inadvisable for her to travel to Cape Town that week end. The
date for the operation has not yet been finalised!
Stephen Simpson (‘02) is racing full-time in the Le Mans series in the USA.
Recently he participated in the Daytona 12-hour. His team have achieved some
podiums with their new Chevrolet powered car. His team co-driver is Canadian

Mischa Goihkberg.
Danny Chen (’03) is fully involved with the Toyota World Rally Championship car
which has already won a race and been on the podium apart from that.
Galen Sher (‘04) recently gained his MA from Oxford on the effect of daily
newspapers on foreign investment in SA and the stock market. Well done Galen.
Marc Beretti (’05) – After teaching for two years in South Korea I returned to
Cape Town and studied for my PGCE at UCT. I was offered employment as a Maths,
Science, English and Humanities teacher at the Brandon Learning Centre in Hong
Kong. I was also appointed as Manager at their Jordan branch in Hong Kong.
I met my French wife, Estelle, in Hong Kong where we were married and shortly
after relocated to France to embark on intensive French language studies at the
IMEP University in Bourges. In September I will be commencing a new teaching
position in London with L’Ecole Internationale Franco-Anglaise Junior School.
Warwick Denman (‘06) has launched “Wine on Tap” in 20l containers. Good for
pubs and functions.
Chris Smith (‘12) scored 18 points for Maties vs Ikeys. He just keeps scoring with
his trusty boot.
Kyle Marriott (’15) is writing and performing his own music on the Cloud. Go to
his FB page and listen and Like. It is soulful and pretty awesome. Hoping for more
Anton van Loggerenberg (’13), Ross Maharage (’14), Brandon Hanekom
(’14), Matthew McKechnie (’15), Jack Teversham (’16), Jordan Fourie (’15)
, Jack Forrest (’15), Michael Gildenhuis (’13), Ethan Buhler (’16) are all
playing for UCT 1st X1 Hockey. Good to see a massive SACS presence. Fun
watching them every week, too.
Congratulations Cameron Laurenson (’16) for his selection to represent South
Africa at the FINA World Men’s Junior Water Polo Championships to be held in
Belgrade, Serbia 5-13 August 2017. Ten boys selected from Western Province – well
Dr John Grierson class of 1955 writes from Cornwall
Most of my working life was spent either behind or in front of a radio microphone.
So when it came to leaving all that behind, I started to think about doing some
research into local radio in particular. But, by distance-study? Not for me. So I
dropped the idea – until early 2013 when The Falmouth College of Arts became
Falmouth University and offered post-graduate study up to and including PhD. So, I
applied, and against personal certainty, at 76 years old, that I would be rejected, I
was accepted. Having a BA from UCT, and MA., LL.B from Cambridge helped, along
with an embarrassingly fulsome reference from Professor Sir Jeffrey Jowell QC.,
another SACS and UCT man. Four years later, and after a truly fearsome climb up
an imposing academic mountain, I reached the summit and now, in my 80th year, I
have a doctorate. The subject: A comparative case study of Local and Community
Radio in Cornwall, considering objectives and achievements.
I wish I had done this a long time ago … but I have learned that things happen
when they are meant to. Now, some lecturing, conferences and submission of
papers. Any SACS old boy with influence at UCT – please let me know so I can

persuade that University to offer me some lecturing.
I have been living at The Lizard in Cornwall for 20 years now – about 30 minutes
drive from the University, which explains why I was able to apply there and work.